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Before meeting Shavelle, I was lacking the confidence it takes to build my business. Shavelle has been a great encourager and supporter. She's given me valuable specific knowledge to help me brand myself. Now I have the confidence to succeed in business!

Kristina Duncan


Shavelle is a great Mentor and Personal Business Developer. Before Shavelle and I came to know each other, I was primarily concerned with quantity and really wanting to expose my business to as many people as possible via social media. After meeting this awesome woman, I was inspired to focus more on cultivating relationships and having a genuine concern for the success of their businesses. Shavelle will offer great concepts and different perspectives that you may have never thought of or considered. I never up pass up the opportunity to speak to this amazing woman and only hope that more entrepreneurs will come to know Shavelle.

Nate Mack


Prior to meeting Shavelle, becoming a home business owner seemed like a daunting task but after teaming up with Shavelle I know that marketing training, personal development and daily practice is a part of my Success! I have learned a lot from Shavelle. Though we haven't met in person, her example radiates! She is always so positive, she's a great teacher. I appreciate her attitude, her posts, and dedication. Being in business takes a lot of hard work, dedication, perseverance, and persistence but I’ve been willing to learn and teachable so I know I’m going far!

Kjersta Hinckley Moore


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How To Qualify and Enroll 2-5 New Members Per Week

Into Your Business Using This Specific Questionnaire and Closing Script!

Yes! I Want My FREE Video NOW!

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